About me

My name is Tomas Chudjak (pronounced as "Kudiak" in English) and I become a developer in 2012 working for Nokia Siemens Networks. Currently, working as a contractor for various SME and startups. I have experience in different technologies but specialize to create Front-end interfaces, swagger APIs, AWS cloud virtualization, DevOps, and continuous integration and test automation.

Together with my girlfriend Monica we're taking care for a most beautiful achievement - daughter Viktória. And we run a small local coffee shop Il Doppio coffee. You are welcome to visit us there anytime :)

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Current situation

At this moment I live in the city of Zilina, in Slovakia and trying to build my first SaaS project Ahoylog. Aside of that, I’m a consultant/contractor in modern web-stacks based on Node.js and Vue, API development, AWS cloud infrastructure, CI/CD and test automation.



Ahoylog - Founder & Developer - Boat rental software for charters. Building my first bootstrapped startup to improve the efficiency of yacht owners and improve the boat rental market. The stack is built on top of Nuxt.js, Go, and AWS. Ahoylog is a winning idea of Startup Weekend Zilina 2019.

Freelance - Fullstack & DevOps - Short-term remote contracts with technologies Vue, Node.js, Go, MongoDB, AWS for SME and startups.


SilverEngine - Developer & Project manager - Two stages of the prototype of selected 5G API network component - 5GNDS. I have delivered solution including the project architecture, API based on 3GPP v16, LDAP database models, together with the remote team. The Stack consisted of Go, Swagger, Docker, LDAP, and 3GPP API specs.


Hostaway - DevOps engineer - Managed implementation of automated build processes of different React.js and PHP applications. Full implementation of ELK stack for log management and analytics. Responsibility for 100-220 EC2 instances and management of additional AWS cloud services (Primary - S3, Cloudfront, EC2, ElastiCache, RDS and touched few more). The daily routine was to work with Bash, Jenkins, AWS and aws-cli, Grafana, VPN, ELK (Filebeat, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana), Python, Redis, MySql.

2016 - 2018

Boataround - CTO - Built boat rental agency from scratch. Work consisted of developing front-end, back-end, API, database schemas, automations, CI/CD, AWS management, and project lead.


Grandpano - Developer - Creating tablet application with Electron & Express.js to visualize web VR


Nokia - Software engineer - Team mentor of project transfer to India, with the responsibility of Java front-end, cloud infrastructure, and test automation.


Siemens - Junior front-end developer - My beginning of work as a professional developer in Java-based project for the Telco industry.

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